About us

Welcome to Midrash Manicures

Midrash Manicures combines Jewish education and creative products to make Judaism more meaningful to you. We launched an exclusive line of Hanukkah Nail Decals, which have been sold in Bloomingdale’s and Dylan’s Candy Bar. Since the debut of MidrashManicures.com in 2011, Midrash Manicures has inspired thousands of individuals in their journey toward innovative religious expression. 

Our Founder


Rabbi Yael Buechler is dedicated to finding new avenues for Jewish creative expression through nail art and modern Jewish fashion. Rabbi Buechler was covered by The New York Times for her creative take on Torah learning. Rabbi Buechler’s fashion accessories have been discussed by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Mayim Bialik. Rabbi Buechler is a writer and entrepreneur who contributes to Insider, JTA, and Kveller. The Los Angeles Times published her opinion piece about the history of Hanukkah swag in America. Contact Rabbi Buechler at rabbi@midrashmanicures.com.