Vayigash: Movin’ On Up

“Man plans and God laughs” is a popular Yiddish proverb. After throwing him into a pit, the brothers thought that they would never see Yosef again. In quite a turn of events, Yosef reveals himself to his brothers in Mitzrayim. While Yosef may no longer bear his coat of many colors, he is now well-coated as the distributor of food rations in Egypt. Yosef attributes his success entirely to God and reassures his brothers that they should in no way feel responsible for his “plight.” Yosef even states that God brought him to Egypt so that he could now save their lives from the famine.

  • How do you think the brothers interpreted Yosef’s message?
  • In your opinion, has Yosef grown since his days as a dream-teller? Why or why not?

This Midrash Manicure is a Midrashic interpretation of Yosef’s life. From left to right: technicolor dream coat, the pit, prison, Egypt.

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