VaEtchanan – Bound by Love

“Bind them as a sign upon your hand and let them serve as a symbol between your eyes” (Devarim 6:8). The V’Ahavta paragraph, which is found in Parashat VaEtchanan, describes how we are to internalize the Torah’s teachings and pass them on to future generations. Not only are God’s commandments to be remembered and spoken of constantly (when we wake up and when we lie down) but God’s commandments are also to be worn on the body. The rabbis understood Devarim 6:8 as the basis for the Mitzvah of laying Tefillin.


  • Why do you think the rabbis chose Tefillin as a symbol of our dedication to Torah and to God?
  • What does it mean to literally and/or figuratively bind the Torah’s teachings to our bodies?
  • How do you incorporate Torah into your physical routine?
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