Shlach: They Might Be Giants

The Midrash in Bamidbar Rabah 16:11 asks: How do you scare a child? You remind the child of things that hurt them in the past. In Parashat Shlach, ten out of the twelve spies take advantage of Bnai Yisrael’s collective childhood memories. In describing the negative traits of the Land of Israel, the ten spies first speak about the presence of the people of Amalek in Israel. The people of Amalek were known for attacking Bnai Yisrael from the back, attacking the women, children and elderly first. The spies also mention that there are giants living in the land of Israel.

  • Why do you think the ten spies mentioned the presence of Amalek and giants?
  • What do you believe was the guiding force behind their negativity?

Artistic note: This week’s Midrash Manicure contains the logo of a New York football team called The Giants. 

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