Private: Shavuot Nail Decals

By popular demand, Midrash Manicures is proud to introduce Midrash Manicures Nail Decals themed for Shavuot! In just minutes, you can sport your very own Shavuot-themed Midrash Manicure. Online Shavuot Nail Decal Purchases are now closed. Stay tuned for Rosh HaShanah and Hanukkah Decals! Coming August 2012.


our Shavuot Nail Decals Package Includes:

  • Ten Shavuot Nail Decals (one for each finger)
  • Directions for how to apply the decals
  • Explanations for each of the Shavuot symbols
  • A complimentary Midrash Manicures emery board

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