Parashat Balak: Blind Spots

Did a parent or teacher ever give you permission to do something but then get upset with you when you actually did it? This seems to be the case for Balaam in this week’s Parasha.  God allowed Balaam to go out to curse Bnai Yisrael but God became angry when Balaam actually set out on his way. When Balaam was mid-course, Balaam’s donkey stopped short and refused to move. Little did Balaam know that God had sent an angel with a sword in his path. Balaam hit his donkey in anger each time the donkey came to a halt.  God opened the mouth of the donkey to rebuke Balaam for his actions and only then was the angel revealed to Balaam.

  • Why do you think God gave permission to Balaam to curse Bnai Yisrael in the first place?
  • Are there times in life when we are blind to something right in front of us?
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