Ki Tissa: Holiness in Time

In Ki Tissa, as we wrap up with the instructions for the Mishkan, we take a commercial break for a message from our Sponsor about Shabbat. God tells Moshe to convey to Bnai Yisrael, “Nevertheless, you must keep my Shabbatot” (Exodus 31:13). The use of the Hebrew word “Ach” “nevertheless” indicates that God wanted to make it clear that the construction of the Mishkan, holiness in space, should not supercede the observance of Shabbat, holiness in time.

In his book The Sabbath, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel writes, “We must conquer space in order to sanctify time. All week long we are called upon to sanctify life through employing things of space. On the Sabbath it is given us to share in the holiness that is in the heart of time.”

  • How does Heschel’s quote encapsulate the essence of God’s command to “keep the Shabbatot?”
  • What does it mean to you to have holiness in space or time?

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