Bring Midrash Manicures to Your Community

Jewish manicuresMidrash Manicures has developed a dynamic curriculum for 5th-8th grade students. This curriculum can be implemented in a synagogue, camp, or day school setting. You can be on the cutting edge of Jewish education by incorporating this method of hands-on Torah!

The Midrash Manicures Curriculum ($36) features:

  • 2 Noah6 Lesson Plans, 1 for each Torah portion in Genesis from Parashat Noah through Parashat Vayetze
  •  Step-by-step techniques for how to paint Midrash Manicures
  • Midrash Manicures tips for the classroom
  • Sample Midrash Manicures and design ideas for each Torah portion
  • Parallel non-manicure project ideas for students
  • Consultation opportunities with the Midrash Manicures Team

If you would like to utilize the Midrash Manicures curriculum for Part I of Genesis, please email us at

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