Jewish manicures and nail artWelcome to Midrash Manicures!  Midrash Manicures combines Jewish education and creative nail art to make Torah more meaningful to you. Midrash Manicures launched the first-ever line of Jewish nail decals and a new curriculum for educators so that you can have Torah at your fingertips! Midrash Manicures also holds educational workshops at synagogues, day schools, and summer camps.

Hanukkah Nail DecalsSince 1996, Rabbi Yael Buechler, founder of Midrash Manicures, has been doing her own weekly manicures for the Torah portion and Jewish holiday. In the summer of 2011, Rabbi Buechler launched in order to empower women of all ages to take hold of Torah in a new and meaningful fashion. Midrash Manicures has since been covered the The New York Times and has inspired thousands of individuals in their journey toward creative religious expression.

Midrash Manicures have been discussed by celebrities including Jon Stewart and Barry Manilow. For more information about Midrash Manicures, contact The Midrash Manicures Team at

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